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In the film ” let bullet fly ” in have a such actor’s lines, “Eating chaffy dish to singing a song ” . Really, eating chaffy dish to singing a song, to a lot of people, be very satisfied, special an enjoyment business. Smoke opium, to pothead also be special an enjoyed work, but will tell to normal person, harm is very exceeding big. Two substantive issues, look be like fine long hair to have nothing to do is, but because of a few illegal businessmen, these two issues that do not want to close very much mattered. My path listens to come please below:

Papaverous carapace chaffy dish has what harm

Instantly is special inside igneous chaffy dish, very much illegal businessman can add papaverous case inside. In order to attract many deadbeat, think of him get rich to become rich only, those who take no account of consumer is healthy, papaverous carapace is done not have to human body any advantage, edible excessive returns the symptom that meeting occurrence heartbeat accelerates.

Papaverous carapace chaffy dish, add papaverous case in chaffy dish namely, inn of some chaffy dish is flat will papaverous carapace and other condiments make mixture condiments together, adulteration is in food, will attract customer with this. Result, because chaffy dish inn turns round guest grow in quantity sent money, and deadbeat is in however imperceptible in produced dependence to papaverous carapace and become addiction, the body also is harmed accordingly.

Right ” pothead ” , edible is less than what action since papaverous carapace, but never contact to great majoritySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forumShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Cross drugs, for the person that has high sensitivity to drugs especially, “Papaverous carapace chaffy dish “1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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” work force ” however cannot small gaze. After these people had eaten, meeting more or less landed unripe light pleasure, expression is on physiology, some people are likely facial ministry slightly aglow, some people may throb accelerate, some people may be easy catnap, and some people may fall asleep not easily. “Even if not sensitive to drugs person, if long-term edible ‘ papaverous carapace chaffy dish ‘ , sure also meeting produces certain dependence. Meet how many times as to edible addiction, this wants to be decided according to the papaverous carapace content that adds in chaffy dish.

Listened to these, you are special abhor the illegal act of these illegal businessmen ah, true without evil not business, for the interest, it is what thing is done really, the heart of these people is too black really. Fortunately the country had noticed these now, in food safety the respect published a lot of code, restrain these black heart businessmen. Additional, we againLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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When going out to have a thing must sharpen one’s eyes, go to those standard rooms, must not feel distressed those a few money and the likelihood is sufferred ” papaverous carapace chaffy dish ” endanger!

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