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It is the food with a kind of rich nutrition tomato patch, and tomato also is the food with a kind of rich nutrition, the food with two kinds of rich nutrition cooperates together to say normally should be a kind of superexcellent combination, but partial person alleges now potato tomato cannot eat together quite, meet otherwise toxic, we also had not studied, do not know among them correct, so, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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In the light of potato tomato can eat this problem to be discussed together.

Can potato tomato eat together

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Say, be paid close attention to by place of a lot of netizens at present. Have a weighing among them: Potato and tomato, potato and egg eat together can cause toxic.

Tomato and the red food boiling water that do together tomato patch are the dish of a characteristic in Russia big eat. When abstaining salad, egg and potato also are a kind of the most commonly used raw material. Accordingly, this netizen mentions ” potato tomato, earthForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Fabaceous egg eats together can cause toxic ” not be a fact.

But there once was a report to say really on the net, 8 years old female child ate the potato of hodgepodge and egg after 3 hours, all over all overFall in love with sea otter phoenixSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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419 sauna

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Erythema faint is since near the school, die in road sending medical service. Along with after, “Egg and potato hodgepodge meet person of kill with poison ” the view is passed to get hubble-bubble Zuo Zuo in place. But the expert denied this is planted view.

These two kinds of dish are not cannot eat together, do not have the potato that take shoot and green tomato however, when oneself do dish to fry potato, if discover potato sprout, want a potato bud take out not only, even the potato of color virescent part that is linked together with it also ream. To at tomato, the attention is not bought crudely green tomato.

The case that potato tomato lump takes is exceedingly little. This also caused people to fell to cause misunderstanding to potato tomato in unwitting circumstance, so, through afore-mentioned explain, we knew what can eat together to potato tomato is complete, the potato that just sprouts and green tomato are inedible, because gemmiparous potato and green tomato are poisonous.

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